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    Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about your face!

    If you have any cosmetic questions Dr. Carey offers a “free 10 minute consultation” with him in his office to discuss your situation.

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    Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery.

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A World-Renowned Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carey has personally operated on World Class athletes for orbital fracture repair returning them to compete in the NFL, NBA, and the Pac-12. Dr. Carey volunteered in Iraq in the summer of 2008 as a facial trauma surgeon.

"...finding a board certified occulo plastic surgeon is not easy."

  • Mike B.

    Visited Dr. Carey for a standard eye exam. It was very easy to make an appointment within about 2 weeks. When I arrived apparently I had my days mixed up and was a day late however the receptionist juggled some other appointments and was very helpful in getting me accommodated that day. I ended up waiting less than 15 minutes to be seen. The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Carey was very professional and took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions and explain everything he was doing in plain English. I felt like Dr. Carey did an excellent job and was quite comprehensive in his exam. I will definitely be back to Dr. Carey next time.

    The only thing I would do differently is not schedule an appointment towards the end of the day given the terrible rush-hour traffic on Montlake Blvd. (obviously not something under Dr. Carey’s control!)

    Mike B.
    Seattle, WA
    Yelp Review

  • Lisa F.

    I had a DCR procedure on my right eye. But the surgeon who performed the surgery in Tacoma did a bad job, and it had to be redone. Dr. Carey did it over and did a beautiful job. He is very skilled, professional & trustworthy. I would never have surgery on my eyes by anyone else. Also, finding a board certified occuloplastic surgeon is not easy. This is not a general plastic surgeon, but much more than that. He’s the best around & we’re fortunate to have him so close, but I’d drive or fly to have surgery by him.

    Lisa F.
    DuPont, WA
    Yelp Review