Ptosis Surgery “Droopy Eyelid” Repair


Another common procedure is Ptosis Repair or “eyelid lift.” Ptosis (see figure 4) is a term to describe the upper eyelid margin drooping over the pupil blocking vision. Symptoms of ptosis include a decreased ability to keep your eyelid open, eye strain, and eyebrow fatigue from the increased effort needed to raise your eyelids. Many people complain of fatigue, especially when reading or using a computer. Acquired Ptosis is most commonly due to stretching of the levator muscle in the eyelid with age. The levator muscle is the major muscle for elevating the upper eyelid. Although the stretching of the muscle worsens with time, many patients are predisposed to ptosis by simply being born with droopy eyelids or the wearing of hard contact lenses. You can observe the droopy eyelids passed along the generations by viewing family photos of grandparents, parents, and even children. Surgery to correct ptosis is designed to reattach the stretched muscle back to its normal location. Surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia, which numbs the upper eyelid with the patient lightly sedated with oral or intravenous medications. Ptosis repair is commonly covered by insurance.

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